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Our emigrants to Canada

Picture is relating to the first sea trip of Alvar. See number 97, line 17. The ship was S/S Majestic, sailing from Liverpool, England (May 2nd, 1906) arriving at port of New York (May 10th, 1906). According to Emibas database, Alvar left from Göteborg, Sweden on 27th April, 1906, heading Minneapolis. Might be that many people were just saying this very popular destination, but who knows. Perhaps it was really change in the plans?
According to my knowledge, we have 15-20 relatives, who have emigrated from Sweden to Canada and USA. This has usually taken place between 1900-1920. Some of this people returned, but most of them settled and establised their own families.

We have already changed information between relatives in Canada, Råneå and Helsinki. It has been a great pleasure to receive help from Canada.

There are probably living relatives also in the USA. However, this part is still under investigations.

The one of the first emigrants of Lindroth family was Alvar Lindroth. Alvar was born on 9th December 1887 in Råneå, Sweden. Alvar was the first child in the family. Alvar's father Emanuel's name at birth (born 24th May 1866 Högsön, Råneå) was Jönsson but he tooked name Lindroth after his grandmother Anna Lindroth (born 3rd September 1808 i Brahestad). Anna was in turn Johan Lindroth's (born 23rd November 1775 i Vitå, Råneå) first child. So, in this way we found connection to this blog article

Alvar first he worked in the lumber camps of British Columbia and then settled in the Enderby area. Later on he moved to Bawfl, Alberta (another state in Canada). Alvar was later on followed by the rest of the family from Sweden. The story of this family is full of pioneer spirit, happy days and also tragedies. Perhaps there is possibilites in the future to open up this part of our common family history.

Alvar was married with Ida Israelsson från Högsön, Råneå. They were married at Enderby, B.C. October 4, 1912. Alvar died on the 31st December 1936 in Camrose, Alberta.

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